Canvassing for Progressive Candidates

Up and Down the Ballot

In NYC + Neighbor Districts

In the nine weeks leading up to the 2018 midterms, Final Nine volunteers signed up for over 500 canvassing shifts and knocked on over 17,000 doors. And all four Democrats we supported won their races in districts previously held by Republicans. These campaigns' focus on voter contact made an enormous difference, with each of our candidates exceeding initial polling expectations.

And we saw the same happen all across the country! Spurred on by volunteer enthusiasm, a blue wave swept the electorate and Democrats took back the House majority with a remarkable 40-seat gain. This is what democracy looks like.

The Final Nine plans to expand in scope going forward, adding more races and, hopefully, more cities to the fold as we gear up for 2020! And we won't focus solely on the House this time around because, as we all know too well, we've got the presidency to take back too.



So what’s the Final Nine?

The Final Nine is a campaign launched by Brooklyn-based organizers to get an army of canvassers energized for the nine weekends between the Labor Day and Election Day of every federal election cycle. We’re making it easier for you and everyone you know to make a difference in closely contested races in and around NYC.


Wait… there are key races happening near us?

There sure are! For the midterms we canvassed in NY-11 (right here in Brooklyn and Staten Island) as well as in NY-19, NJ-07, and NJ-11, which are all easily accessible for NYC. These four seats were all previously held by Republicans but we helped flip them to Democrats! And now Max Rose, Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill, and Antonio Delgado are all fantastic freshman members of the House of Representatives.


Does door-to-door voter outreach really make a difference?

We only need to look at how instrumental the national groundswell of volunteering was last fall in flipping the House. In districts with significant volunteer enthusiasm, Democrats won by margins that were never thought possible, even in historically conservative districts (ours were no exception!). This is why the Final Nine exists and why so many grassroots groups are now focusing efforts on door-to-door voter contact in the lead-up to elections.


Well, I always vote! Isn’t that enough?

Voting is incredibly valuable and if you are a consistent voter, hats off to you! But as the results of the 2016 election showed us, we can’t trust that our votes alone will be enough. We need to get out there and encourage others to vote too! It's time that we raise the national voter turnout above the pathetically low rates that leave us far behind many other countries in electoral participation. This is the only way we can restore the power of our democracy.


What if I don’t like canvassing?

We encourage you to give it a shot.  The truth is, it’s fun! You get to spend a day walking around a new neighborhood with friends on a beautiful fall weekend, having empowering conversations with strangers about what matters to them in their communities. We hear positive feedback all the time from first-time canvassers and others who had written off canvassing in the past. And if you try it and still really don’t like it, we can find other valuable ways for you to contribute.


Past Districts


Max Rose - NY-11

In a stunning election night upset, Max Rose defeated Republican incumbent Dan Donovan, 52.8% to 46.8%, taking Democratic control of this typically bright red Brooklyn and Staten Island district. Max will be a vocal voice in Congress for infrastructure improvements in his home district as well as significant healthcare reform: supporting universal healthcare with a public option and expanding access to clinics for treating opioid addiction. He will be serving on the House Homeland Security and Veterans' Affairs Committees.


Antonio Delgado - NY-19

Antonio Delgado defeated John Faso 51.4% to 46.2% in an extremely conservative district, becoming the first African-American or Hispanic candidate to be elected to Congress from upstate New York. Antonio is bringing a rigorous focus to Congress on issues important to his district, placing an emphasis on agriculture and infrastructure policy, as well as working to increase working class jobs and expand healthcare for his constituency. He will be serving on the House Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees.


Tom Malinowski - NJ-07

In a district held for a decade by Republican Leonard Lance, Tom Malinowski rode his public service bona fides to a 51.7% to 46.7% victory. With a background working in the State Department, Tom will figure heavily in all House foreign policy decisions while also making infrastructure the centerpiece of his local agenda, hoping to bring the long-awaited Gateway Tunnel to New Jersey. He will be serving on the House Foreign Affairs and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees.


Mikie Sherrill - NJ-11

Mikie's sweeping 56.8% to 42.1% victory over Jay Webber marked the first time in more than 30 years that a woman will represent New Jersey's 11th District in Congress. A former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, Mikie is focused on representing the interests of her moderate-leaning district and ensuring that New Jersey residents have a Democratic voice they can trust in Congress for years to come. She will be serving on the House Armed Services Committee.