So what’s The Final Nine?

The Final Nine is a campaign launched by a collection of Brooklyn-based organizers to get an army of canvassers energized for the 9 weekends between Labor Day and Election Day. We’re encouraging you and everyone you know to get out and knock some doors for closely contested House races in and around NYC.

Wait…there are key races happening near us?

There sure are! NY-11 is actually located right here in Brooklyn and Staten Island. And NY-19, NJ-07, and NJ-11 are all easily accessible from NYC. These four seats are currently held by Republicans but have been tabbed as potentially flippable House districts by Swing Left.

Why the focus on House races?

These races are the best chance for progressives to take back power in our government. There are 78 Congressional districts nationwide that are seen as highly competitive.  If we hold onto the seats that are currently Democratic, we only need to flip 23 Republican seats to regain Democratic control of the House! And we all know that controlling one of the chambers of  Congress would go a long way in blocking the horrific policies of the current administration.

But what about the Blue Wave?

We are the Blue Wave. There’s not some magical political force that’s coming to save us all from Republican-run government. The Blue Wave is only as powerful as the citizens who support it.  If we all get out there and vocally support these campaigns, even “safe” Republican districts will be in play.